Supercross CX has to be one of the top tier northeast cyclocross events. It’s absolutely huge, and with two variations over two days it felt fresh both times.

Sweeping corners, and long straights with plenty of power off camber sections make Supercross feel like a giant game of Mario Kart or Wipeout.

For me day one it felt a bit too much like a video game, and I realised my flu ridden brain didn’t have a clue what was going on. My arms and legs weren’t responding, and I had to make the tough decision to skip it. Kayla and I resigned to volunteer duty.

By day two I felt like I was through the worst of the flu (probably picked up at Bubblecross) and decided to give it a try.

Sadly whilst I was in much better shape, the course had clearly seen better days. The later fields and elites had been racing in the rain, and chewed the ground to mush.

I took the GoPro out for a giggle, and only recorded half a lap before getting it caked in mud.

Coalition CC rider Cullen MacDonald crushed it that day (coming in 2nd in our field), so watch his video if you want more speed, more funny commentary, and a little less being trapped behind slower walkers.

In all the race was a bit of a mess for me, but I dragged my sick carcass over the line 20th out of 30-something racers. That’s the same score as my first Cat 4 at Bubblecross last week when I wasn’t sick, so… I’ll take that.

Things to Improve

Remounts: I’m shit at remounts and I’ve always known that. A race with maybe 6–8 remounts the problem is less noticeable, but Supercross was half run half ride and my struggles felt real.

I’m getting quicker at hop-skip remounts, but I need to master the hop remount. In the park by my house things are fine; I’ve not even sat on myself! When it comes to a race however, I just cannot get my brain or body to work together. I’ll keep at it I guess.

Better Than Last Time

I might have been slow, but I stayed on my bike better than many, not falling once. Some folks were really careful on the straight-shot downhill sections, and I was mashing it, more-so each lap.

Some of the folks usually in the top 5 seemed to have a lot of trouble, with one or two DNFing and a couple of others struggling with fall-related mechanicals as I slowly coughed my way past them. They caught back up of course, but that made me feel like I wasn’t completely ballsing it up.

Key Takeaways

  • Stay in bed if you’re sick. Honestly it’s going to be awful just race next week
  • Check your GoPro now and then or probably just Chesty it
  • Practice wallowing in the mud, it’s hilarious and amazing

There’s loads of photos on Facebook, check it out.