Over the last five weeks I’ve been getting into the swing of road racing. I’ve done plenty of Brooklyn alley cat type stuff, snuck in that one broken heel cross race last season, and sure GFNY is technically a race, but getting into officiated USAC licensed road-racing is a whole other thing.

It’s been tricky learning my way through how the categories work, what races I’m allowed to ride in, how to get all my marshalling points so I can even partake in certain races, and luckily my friends at KruisCX have been answering a lot of questions.

The hardest bit of all: going from an out-til-4 person, to an up-at-4 person. These races mostly start at 6am or before, meaning if I want to get to Central Park or Prospect Park and warm up in time, I’m up at bloody 4am. Those out of state are an even bigger effort.

It’s been a weird move, but Sleep Cycle has really helped me out there. Beyond that, cutting my drinking down to an almost non-existent level – until after the race(s) for the week - is the main bit.

This weeks “This Week in Bikes” goes over some of my learnings from the first three races. Got some more video-based stuff to float for next week.

There’s also a video of me grinding some garbage bike off of my fence. I’ve gotta admit, that was a lot of fun. Warmed my legs up a spot though. 😅